Seven tasks out of seven were flown at the Krushevo PWC in July 2022
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Baptiste Lambert wins PWC Krushevo 2022

Saturday 23 July, 2022

Baptiste Lambert and Constance Mettetal won the Overall and Women’s categories of the Krushevo round of the Paragliding World Cup 2022. It finished on 21 July. 

Seven tasks, each between 80km and 96km in distance, were flown in excellent conditions, and Baptiste’s overall win was a certainty after just six tasks, no need for him to fly task seven at all. Daniel Tyrkas’ final-task win took him to third spot on the overall podium behind Charles Cazaux.

The PWC wrote, “What an amazing week. This is only the second time we have had a seven-task competition in Europe. The pilots flew a cumulative 7,0618 km, more than 1.75 times around the world!

“A big thank you to all the team here, Meet Director and World Cup President, Goran Dimiskovski, Mr Meteo, Martin Jovanoski and his team. Thank you to our task committee who have set such innovative tasks: Martin, Idris Birch and Charles Cazaux.

“The pilots enjoyed an amazing variety of scenery from lakes, hills and mountains to the wide expanse of corn fields and sun flowers smiling up at them.

“A big thank you to the Montana hotel who have made us so welcome. Most of all, thank you to the people of Krushevo for letting us share their beautiful village and their wonderful blue skies”.

PWC 2022 Overal Podium

PWC 2022 Overal Podium. 1 Baptiste Lambert, 2 Charles Cazaux, 3 Daniel Tyrkas



  1. Baptiste Lambert (FRA), Ozone Enzo 3 / Submarine
  2. Charles Cazaux (FRA), Ozone Enzo 3 / Submarine
  3. Daniel Tyrkas (DEU), Ozone Enzo 3 / Kortel Kanibal Race 2
PWC 2022 Krushevo

The Women’s podium. 1 Constance Mettetal, 2 Keiko Hiraki, 3 Kirsty Cameron


  1. Constance Mettetal (FRA), Niviuk Icepeak X-One / Woody Valley XR7
  2. Keiko Hiraki (JPN), Ozone Enzo 3 / Woody Valley XR7
  3. Kirsty Cameron (GBR), Ozone Zeno / Gin Genie Race 3
PWC 2022 Krushevo Teams Podium

Teams podium. 1 Ozone, 2 Kortel design 3 Niviuk


  1. Ozone (Charles Cazaux, Ulrich Prinz, Russell Ogden, Baptiste Lambert)
  2. Kortel Design (Arthur Moindroit, Stephane Drouin, Rémi Bourdelle, Laurie Genovese)
  3. Niviuk (Simon Mettetal, Gavin McClurg, Tanguy Renaud-Goud, Constance mettetal)

All results are at live.pwca.org

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