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Don’t miss Chrigel Maurer Live today!

Friday 17 April, 2020

Today – Friday 17 April 2020, 08:00 PT / 11:00 ET / 17:00 CET

Chrigel Maurer will be giving live coaching tips and insights this Friday on Cross Country’s Facebook page as a special event for Cross Country readers.

Join us at 17:00 Central European time for the 60 minute session. To get the most out of it, come armed with pen and paper, and download and print this PDF file.

Chrigel Maurer has won the Red Bull X-Alps six consecutive times, is a multiple World Cup Champion, and also is the current world triangle record holder (343.5 km!)

However what you may not know is just how considered and thought-through Chrigel’s approach to flying is. He is seriously dedicated, and is learning constantly. Chrigel is able to share this knowledge in a unique way. He runs coaching sessions for pilots in the Swiss Alps, and Cross Country magazine is delighted that Chrigel is joining us to help Cross Country readers progress with a bit of much needed ground school and reflection.

Like what you’re reading? You will find plenty more like this inside Cross Country magazine. Here’s what some of our readers say:

“Honza Rejmanek’s new met article helped me enjoy a magical flight alongside rising hill fog yesterday. Thank you for a wonderful publication” – Dan Corley, USA

“I love your magazine more than anything.” – Urs Haari, Switzerland

“Cross Country has a massive impact on pilots’ awareness, worldwide. Great job in inspiring and sharing knowledge!'” – School Instructor, New Zealand

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During the talk we will be analysing videos and also discussing glider control, meteorology, psychology and tactics.

The talk with be hosted by Cross Country’s Hugh Miller. Hugh followed Chrigel’s first four victories as the Red Bull X-Alps race reporter.

Check out the Cross Country Facebook page for more talks with Nick Greece, Pal Takats, Seb Ospina, Joanna Di Grigoli and many others!

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