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Cross Country 235: November 2022

Monday 17 October, 2022

Cross Country Magazine issue 235 November 2022

The cells of a brand new SwiftSix echo the melting surface of a glacier high above Chamonix on the cover of Cross Country 235 (Nov 2023). Shot by Olivier Laugero it captures the moment between light and shade.



Here’s what’s else is in the magazine:

Synchro Acro

“It’s like Instagram in print!” a pilot recently told us about why they love to get their paper copy of the magazine each issue. Kicking off the Gallery in the November issue is a spectacular acro sequence shot by Rolf Steinmeier – just one of the beautiful images throughout the magazine.

Harness round-up

A raft of new pod harnesses have been released. We talked to the designers in person and found out more at the Coupe Icare in France.

Coupe Icare 2022

We also round-up the latest insights in wing design – including the latest news on the new class of EN C two-liners coming our way.

Volodymyr Perevalov

Volodymyr Perevalov shares how his “life changed in a day” when the war started in Ukraine. The owner on NearBirds, he is this issue’s Naked Pilot.

Dune flying

Théo de Blic has 10 top tips on how to master flying at the dune. In at the top? “Learn to lower your centre of gravity! It really helps.”

Rocket Loop

Dimitris Kolliakos is the first paramotor pilot to execute a true loop-on-the-axis. He tells us why he called it “The Rocket Loop.” “The feeling the first time was the longest two seconds of my life.”

Paragliding in Iran

Till Gottbrath had dreamed of travelling to Iran to fly for years but the country always felt off limits. Then earlier this year he and his friends were invited to do just that.

Let's Connect

Liz Dengler was tired of being the only woman on the hill most days – and so she started a women-only chat group. She tells us what she discovered. “It’s about taking advantage of a supportive community,” she says.

The Peruvian Line

In May Antoine Girard and Henri Montel headed to Peru for a month-long, 1,200km vol-bivouac through the 6,000m mountains of Peru. They were successful, but then tragedy struck. On the final day, as huge convergence swept Antoine to 8,000m, Henri suffered a fatal accident close to the ground. Antoine describes what happened.

Ozone SwiftSix

On review, Marcus King flies the Ozone SwiftSix (high EN B), the lightweight version of the Rush 6.

MacFly 185

Lawrie Noctor flies the MacFly 185, a lightweight paramotor made of titanium with a carbon-fibre option.

Supair Delight 4

And it’s double delight for pilots who choose the new Supair Delight 4 pod harness. The harness comes in two versions, standard and sport – with a fairing. But which one’s right for you? We try them out.

Cross Country 235 (Nov 2022) is out now.



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