Cross Country Magazine issue 235 (November 2022)


Cross Country 235 (November 2022)

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Get your regular hit of free-flight excellence with the November 2022 issue of Cross Country Magazine – here’s what’s inside:

  • Harness Tech 2023 – Rounding up the latest paragliding pod harnesses revealed in the Coupe Icare’s gear tents
  • Naked Pilot – “Three days after I returned, Putin invaded.” Volodymyr Perevalov on his flying life in Ukraine
  • Of Roses and Poets – “How I have dreamed of flying here.” Till Gottbrath on flying and travelling in Iran
  • Let’s Connect – “Don’t get me wrong…” says Liz Dengler as she explains the benefits of all-women groups
  • The Peruvian Line – Antoine Girard describes what happened on his and Henri Montel’s 1,200km vol-biv through Peru
  • Ozone SwiftSix – Marcus King flies the SwiftSix (EN B), the lightweight version of Ozone’s Rush 6
  • Supair Delight 4 – Supair’s best-selling pod harness now comes in two versions – standard and sport
  • MacFly 185 – Lawrie Noctor flies this lightweight paramotor made of titanium with a carbon-fibre option

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