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Cross Country 165: What’s in the latest issue

Wednesday 21 October, 2015
Cross Country 165

Cross Country 165

Welcome to the circus…The front cover of Cross Country 165 shows one of the magical aerial machines from this year’s Coupe Icare, and that gives us a great a chance to look forward to what the manufacturers are bringing to the market from next year.

From the ‘Baby Enzo’ for performance XC pilots wanting the latest two-line technology, to a raft of new high-end EN B gliders to the latest from the world of paramotoring – it’s all wrapped up in this issue.

Plus, we have…

Going for distance in Deniliquin
We asked XContest Women’s winner Kari Ellis to tell us all about her favourite spot in Australia – flatland towing heaven Deniliquin. If you want to go far, start here.
Paragliding in Deniliquin

Sea thermals and other magic
Forget about what you think you know – we investigate how to go XC from the coast. PLUS we look at paramotoring on the beach.
Flying sea thermals

Becca’s photo casebook
Rebecca Bredehoft is a tandem pilot who travels the world following the seasons. We showcase her amazing photography.

If there’s one stand-out article from Cross Country 165 it’s Falling, by competition pilot Brett Hazlett. Brett had a bad accident a year ago – he documents his painful and often traumatic road to recovery in this amazing article. A must-read.
Brett Hazlett

Born to Fly
Kristiana May started flying a year ago and since then it’s taken over her life. She tells us why and how newcomers – including women – can get into the sport easily.
Kristiana May

We spiral in with the UP Trango XC3 (EN C)
UP Trango XC3 review

And we carry on with the BGD Base (EN B)
BGD Base review

Plus a never-ending mix of all the rest
Cross Country 165
– Annalena Hinestroza, German Women’s Paragliding Champion

– EN certification under scrutiny

– Feeling the wind, with Bruce Goldsmith

– Flying meteorology, with Honza Rejmanek

– Enjoying hike-and-fly season, with Jon Chambers

– Safety and paramotoring, with Mike Campbell Jones

– Breaking boundaries in PPG, with Jeff Goin

– News, reviews, interviews, what’s on and all the best photography and writing in the sport

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