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Pyrenean Adventure 5: Céciré

Monday 15 January, 2018

X-Pyr 2016 Turnpoint 5: Céciré (2,403m)

Endurance starts to play a bigger role than flying skill now: fatigue, dehydration, frustration can all wreak havoc. If you’re touring, take the ski-lift or road up to Superbagnères, then fly up to the turnpoint overlooking the (much greener) French ski resorts.

Expect climbs to be lower on this side, with a cooler and more moist air mass. Take your time to get a good weather assessment. You need light winds to progress into the narrow channel that leads east towards La Seu.

Aaron Durogati jumped directly S after tagging Céciré, to link up with the more reliable XC conditions of Castejon: worth doing.

Photo: Marc Boyer / Facebook