Cross Country Magazine issue 231 (July 2022)


Cross Country 231 (July 2022)

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Get your regular hit of free-flight excellence with the July 2022 issue of Cross Country Magazine – here’s what’s inside:

  • Hike-and-fly Comps – “Your supporter is everything.” Karlis Jaunpetrovics has good advice for first-timers
  • SIV Lessons – Théo de Blic shares what he’s learned about paraglider safety, from a lifetime in SIV
  • X-Pyr 2022 – Greg Hamerton on what it means to compete in this coast-to-coast race across the Pyrenees
  • Paradise in the Garden – Melanie Weber heads to the subtropical paradise of Madeira for some spectacular flying
  • Paramotor Worlds 2022 – It was intense and not without drama. Nico Aubert reports from Brazil
  • Onboard with Galen – ‘Don’t get stuck in the past.’ Meet Galen Kirkpatrick, FAI Pan-Am Women’s Champion
  • Flare Moustache – If it looks like a paraglider and flies like a paraglider, isn’t it a paraglider? Yes but no but
  • Ozone BV1 – Marcus King tests Ozone’s new harness – designed specifically for vol-bivouac adventures

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