Cross Country Magazine issue 214 (October 2020)


Cross Country 214 (October 2020)

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Here’s what you will find inside Cross Country Magazine issue 214 (October 2020):

  • Generation Z – Gin Seok Song tells us about his latest work with a whale-inspired leading edge on the proto Boom Z
  • How Safe is Paragliding? – In the biggest survey of its type, Matt Wilkes tries to answer this big question – with your help
  • It’s Good to be Back! – “Old friends, long-standing rivals and new pilots.” The PWC returned in all its glory in Switzerland
  • Eye to Eye – “A man in a fury fired above our heads.” Antoine Girard and Sophie Tabakova get a shock in Ethiopia
  • Designed to Fly – “Fly for fun!” Bastienne Wentzel on what inpired her to write Paragliding: The Beginner’s Guide
  • AirDesign Rise 4 – “They called it the #thermalmonkey for a reason.” Ed Ewing flies this new high-B
  • Zeolite GT and OXA3 – Seb Ospina flies these two Red Bull-X-Alps inspired two-liners and falls head over heels
  • Kitlist Reviews – We get to play with the PPG Smoke system, Neo’s new Bikini tandem harness and the WV Wani Light 2

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