Cross Country Magazine issue 209 (May 2020)


Cross Country 209 (May 2020)

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Here’s what you will find inside Cross Country Magazine issue 209 (May 2020):

  • Why EN A+ is for Attitude – There’s a new breed of glider in town, and it’s the EN A+. We find out what they’re all about
  • Oh Colombia! – Felix Wölk flirts with fire and explores Piedechinche and beyond
  • Stubai 2020 – Before the European shutdown we headed to Austria to check out new gear and fly the Alps
  • Joyride – Twin brothers Ant and Tim Green head to the Philippines and paramotor above volcanoes
  • Walking to Work – Artoosh Ghafourian walked out of Iran and into a new life as a pro tandem pilot in Ölüdeniz
  • BGD Cure 2 – The claim is 60km/h top speed for this new EN C – we get out the speed gun
  • Apco F1 – The Fast One is designed to be fast – but how fast is it? Lawrie Noctor opens the throttle.
  • Mac Para Eden 7 – A connoisseur’s wing, this new EN B+ is a dream machine, says Marcus King

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