Cross Country Magazine issue 207 (Feb / Mar 2020)


Cross Country 207 (Feb / Mar 2020)

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Here’s what you will find inside Cross Country Magazine issue 207 (Feb / Mar 2020):

  • Tow Club – Ever thought about setting up your own winching club? Koen Vancampenhoudt tells us how to do it
  • Hunza, Abode of the Gods – Kieran Campbell travelled to Pakistan to fly in the first Pakistan International Paragliding Cup
  • Daylight Robbery – “It was 2am and the sun had still not set.” Jérôme Maupoint and friends fly the Lofoten Islands
  • Downtown Luxor – Nicolas Aubert, Ramón Morillas and Emiko Morota fly the Ancient Egyptian sites of Luxor
  • The Slow Road to Ticino – Two old friends slow down and reconnect on this weekend bike-and-fly through Switzerland.
  • Icaro Parus 2 – Fun to fly, light and user-friendly. Pro tandem pilot Seb Ospina flies this new tandem from Icaro
  • Groundhandling for Kids – If your kids want to learn to fly then how can you help them do it well? We ask the experts
  • Gear Reviews – We fly the Niviuk Roamer 2 and the Le GPS Bip+ – it talks to you in the thermals!

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