Cross Country 193 (September 2018)


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Inside Cross Country 193 (September 2018)

  • Five Star Day – Martin Morlet takes us through his epic 372km flight across France, from Champagne to Poitiers
  • Sting in the Tail – The X-Pyr is a big adventure, for the winners and for the guys at the back. Martin Lifka was there…
  • The Parajet Story – Ed Ewing heads to rural Wiltshire, UK, to meet Gilo Cardozo and the crew behind Parajet
  • Crazy Heart – Kiwi Johnston explains why Mexico’s Valle deBravo holds such a special place in his heart
  • Out of Office – Tim-Patrick Meyer finds Portugal’s Atlantic coast the perfect place for a family holiday with a spot of flying
  • Ozone Rush 5 (EN B) – Marcus King gets his hands on Ozone’s new cross-country wing, the Delta 3’s little brother
  • Flow Cosmos (EN B) – Allen Weynberg tests Australian brand Flow’s mid-B Cosmos on its home turf
  • Apco Hybrid (EN B) – Apco predict hybrid wings will be the next big thing in paragliding. We find out what it’s all about

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