The location: Pilots have easy access to launch by cablecar from the LZ, making it the perfect spot to test gear. Photo: Marcus King
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Super Paragliding Testival 2022: 26-29 May

Thursday 26 May, 2022

The Super Paragliding Testival 2022 is expected to welcome 3,000 pilots to Kössen in the Austrian Tyrol this weekend (26-29 May 2022) for a four-day festival of paragliding and testing gear.

Organiser Sepp Himberger said: “With over 3,000 pilots and more than 7,500 flights during past Super Paragliding Testivals the event undoubtedly enjoys a reputation in the international paragliding scene as one of the world’s largest air sports events.”

Super Paragliding Testival

Most of the leading manufacturers will be there, allowing pilots to test fly the latest paragliders and harnesses.

“Exploring gliders and equipment from the market leaders in one central location and testing them free of charge always saves time and money.”

The list of paraglider manufacturers exhibiting includes: Advance, Airdesign Gliders, airG, APCO, Axis, BGD, Davinci Gliders, Drift Paragliders, Dudek Paragliders, Fly Fat, Flow, Gin Gliders, Icaro, Independence, Kimfly, Kortel Design, Mac Para, Niviuk, Nova, Ozone, PHI, Sky Paragliders, Skywalk, Supair, Swing, Woody Valley, UP, U-Turn and 777 Gliders.

Other exhibitors include: Ascent Vario, AXA Versicherungen, Blacksheep Eyewear, Finsterwalder, Flecksi-Design, Fly Market, Flywear, FreeSpee, MIPFly, Neo, ParaCyclage, PARA|DISE, Skybean, Skytraxx, Stodeus, Syride, Turnpoint and XC Tracer.

Paragliding licences from Australia, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Croatia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary and United Kingdom are automatically recognised. Pilots from other countries must also show and IPPI card.

Watch the pilots launching via the Koessen webcam

Testival information

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