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PWC Disentis: 15-22 August 2020

Friday 7 August, 2020

The Paragliding World Cup is set to go ahead in Disentis, Switzerland, from 15-22 August 2020, with some adjustments to the rules.

Ongoing travel restrictions caused by the Covid pandemic mean that all the confirmed participants are from Europe. This goes against “the spirit of equality and fairness” of the Paragliding World Cup, so the PWC Association have made the following rule change:

“It has been decided that only the overall podium and the ladies’ winner will gain direct qualification for the next Superfinal. Although not perfect, this measure will decrease unfairness, and, we believe, it represents an acceptable compromise.

“The same rule change will be applied to all future World Cups that may take place while travel bans are imposed on the majority of PWCA members”.

Earlier rounds that were due to take place in France, Italy and Korea this year were unfortunately cancelled. At the time of writing, the Argentina round in Traslasiera in September is still scheduled to go ahead, but keep an eye on thePWC website for updates.

The Disentis competition can be followed via the live-tracking and commentary on the PWCA website or through the app.


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