With rolling hills and flatlands out front, Pico do Gaviao lends itself to varied tasks. Photo: Ulric Jessop

PWCA announce extra comp for Brazil in September

Monday 29 May, 2023

The Paragliding World Cup Association have announced that a sixth competition will be added to this years calendar, to be held in Pico do Gaviao, Brazil, from 23-30 September 2023.  

The PWCA write:

“As many of you know, the event planned with our partner Vetor at Pico do Gaviao in Brazil had to be delayed due to the pandemic. We are therefore delighted to announce that we are finally able to return to Andradas in Brazil this autumn as an additional event.

We would like to thank Louis Cruz and his team for their continued support and commitment to the World Cup and are delighted to renew our partnership with them.
The competition will be based in the nearby town of Andradas. Registration will start, as always, three months in advance.

Pico do Gaviao (Hawk’s Peak) is in the land of big skies, welcoming smiles and seven task competitions. It’s super reliable. In 2017, 630 km of tasks were set with seven out of seven tasks flown. In 2019, 650km of tasks were set, and again, with seven out of seven tasks flown.

The launch can only be described as ‘paragliding perfect’ with excellent facilities, and an immaculately manicured 360-degree launch. Out in front, there are banana and coffee plantations on the rolling hills with cattle ranches and palm trees around the scattered oasis.

The topography lends itself to a variety of tasks from closed circuit to long legs east to the town of Pouso Alegre, which appropriately enough in Portuguese means, ‘Happy Landings,’ to of course, tactical concentric circle tasks.

The competition will have the normal qualifying credentials for the Super Final. You can follow on the Flymaster Live tracking and on the World Cup Webapp. The leaderboard now has live scoring so you can see who has won as soon as the pilots arrive in goal. The live commentary, for those of you trying to learn a foreign language, is now in: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and Korean.

The split-screen facility allows spectators to watch a combination of the leaderboard, tracking and commentary at the same time. We have also recently introduced the maillot jaune (overall race leader), maillot vert (leadout point leader) and maillot rose (leading lady) on the tracking and in the air, to help make our races easier to follow.”


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