Michi Maurer on the steps of the Angel of Peace in Munich at 2am. Photo: Adi Geisegger
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Cross Country 217: Feb/Mar 2021

Tuesday 12 January, 2021

Cross Country 217. Michi Maurer by Adi Geisegger

With the streets deserted photographer Adi Geisegger and Michi Maurer headed out for some guerrilla ground handling – proving playing with your wing is even more fun if you add buildings, and do it at night. The results of this cover photoshoot are unique! Here’s what else is in the issue.

Timo Leonetti, cross country paraglider pilot

Timo Leonetti is one of the fastest rising stars of cross country flying we’ve ever seen. At just 17 he logged half a dozen 400k flights in Brazil last season. We find out more about him.

Paragliding in Tenerife. Photo: Pascal Purin

European pilots not in lockdown can find their early-season fix in sunny Tenerife. We talk to the locals to find out how to fly this beautiful island.

Flymaster GPS LS review

Buy once and buy well is the saying, and with varios and flight instruments it’s really true because we don’t upgrade them often. The new Flymaster GPS LS (light and simple) is for new and intermediate pilots – we try it out.

Reserves and G-force study by Dr Matt Wilkes

How does G-force affect what happens when we throw a reserve? In the biggest study of its kind ever done, Matt Wilkes set out to find out. The results were surprising – and make essential reading for all of us.

Jack Pimblett launched his paramotor. Photo: Neil Irwin

You haven’t flown in over a month. How safe is that next flight? We know that skills degrade over time, but by how much? Jeff Goin sets out to answer.

Woody Valley GTO Light review

We review the new, updated verse of this popular lightweight pod harness, Woody Valley’s GTO Light 2.

Hang gliding in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. Photo: Antoine Boisellier

“When I cooled down it dawned on me to what extent flying competition paragliders had sensitised my, let’s call it intuition. I felt turbulence and thermals long in advance.” Klaudia Bulgakow goes hang gliding – and improves her paragliding.

UP Kangri (EN B) review. Photo: Marcus King

At the very top of the EN B class, with an eyebrow-raising aspect-ratio of 6.3, Brian Steele gets to grips with the UP Kangri.

Paragliding on the Angel of Peace steps, Munich. Photo: Adi Geisegger

“I had this idea in the middle of lockdown, when Munich was quiet and everyone was grounded,” says Adi Geisegger. The result was a unique set of images – captured at night.

Paragliding in Nuku Hiva. Photo: Vitek Ludvik

Red Bull X-Alps photographer Vitek Ludvik planned to sail across the Pacific Ocean with Olivier Laugero and fly some of French Polynesia’s spectacular sites. But when the pandemic hit they found themselves in a lockdown of quite a different kind.

The sky and landscape of northeast Brazil. Photo: Jake Holland

Pilot and filmmaker Jake Holland spent a month in the northeast of Brazil exploring the XC sites of Quixada and Assu before hanging out at the coast. He shares some of his best shots.

The search for James Kiwi Johnston, showing the search area.

When James ‘Kiwi’ Johnston went missing mid-flight last August it was as if he’d vanished. His disappearance sparked a month-long search that drew people in from across the world. Andy Pag looks back at the search and talks to some of the friends and family involved.

Speedster 3 review. By Lawrie Noctor

The Ozone Speedster 3 is a full reflex paramotor wing for intermediate to advanced pilots. Review pilot Lawrie Noctor opens the throttle.

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