Paramotoring in the southern Sahara Desert in Algeria. Photo: Franck Simonnet
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Cross Country 212: August 2020

Wednesday 22 July, 2020

Franck Simonnet swept low across the sand dunes in the southern Sahara Desert to capture the cover of the August 2020 issue. It was a trip inspired in childhood, which took him 30 years to make. Flying’s like that – dreams made real. Here’s a look at what’s inside Cross Country 212.

Paragliding above Mont Blanc. Photo: Tobias Dimmler

With summer here in the northern hemisphere we look at what you need for those special, special days when you can climb out and fly above the biggest Alpine peaks. It’s got to be hot, and you’ve got to be prepared!

A Woody Valley paragliding harness

Are you a Pod God asks SIV instructor Malin Lobb? He takes us through the pros and cons of pod harnesses, from lightweight to competition rigs. Pick the right harness and your confidence and performance will receive a boost, he says.

Cyrille Marck from Way Gliders

Cyrille Marck is a former French acro champion who is now making wings – and waves. His new company Way Gliders only sells online, and at bargain-busting prices. We find out what his plans are.

Paragliding guide to Disentis, Switzerland. Photo: Martin Scheel

Disentis in Switzerland is a jewel in the crown of Swiss Alpine flying, but overshadowed by better known Fiesch. Swiss Team Leader Martin Scheel gives us the inside track on this amazing site.

Nova facemasks for Covid-19

The FAI has issued guidance on how to get back to “normal operations” in air sports around the world as the Covid-19 pandemic continues. Focused on fly-ins and competitions, they are there to help event organisers and pilots get back in the air. We take a look.

“A strong shoulder needs stability, strength and mobility.” Fitness coach Ben Abruzzo puts us through our paces with some flying-focused training.

Sebastien Kayrouz, 500km USA paraglider pilot

Sebastien Kayrouz went blazing into the US record books in June with a 500km paraglider flight through Texas. In this exclusive interview he reveals just what it takes to fly far. Clue: it’s all about convergence.

Ozone Gliders Delta 4 review

The Ozone Delta 4 is just out, and features hybrid 3/2-line line architecture. Our reviewer took it out for a blast in the French Alps and covered 300km in a few days. With fully usable rear-riser steering this wing works!

Advance Impress 4 harness review. Photo: Adi Geisegger

“The short review? It’s a work of art.” Hugh Miller climbs into this Rolls Royce harness from Advance – the brand new, highly anticipated Impress 4. Does it deliver? In spades.

Richard Sidey paragliding in Tanzania

“People often say that being in the mountains makes you feel small. But as the lift developed and we climbed higher, the plains stretched to the horizon and the vastness of Africa brought a knot to my stomach.” In this classic adventure tale Dan Clearwater and five mates go off the beaten track in Tanzania.


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