Paragliding Tour du Mont Blanc. Photo: Stephan Morgenthaler
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Cross Country 201: July 2019

Wednesday 19 June, 2019

Cross Country 201 captures the spirit of summer in the mountains, with a classic Jerome Maupoint image on the cover. Whether you’re an adventure pilot looking to land high and bivvy, an XC guru hoping to close a triangle, a new pilot trading up, or a paramotor pilot heading out on a cross country adventure, there’s something in this issue for you.

Yael Margelisch

“I always wanted to fly” says Yael Margelisch in this month’s Cross Country Magazine. In May she set a new women’s FAI triangle record – she tells us all about it.

Understanding rotor

“In the mountains it’s important to learn to discern the difference between a lee-side gust, which can at times blow upslope, and a thermal cycle.” Our resident meteorologist Honza Rejmanek, veteran of five Red Bull X-Alps, explains how to do just that.

Complete paraglider pilots. Photo: John Stapels

“You will be a complete pilot – and that’s a cool thing.” Acro’s Theo de Blic argues that every XC pilot should learn a little acro. “You will b ready for everything, anytime.”

Buying your second paraglider

“I didn’t realise that about the EN tests.” Buying your second wing is an important step. Too slow and you’ll not progress, too fast and you can scare yourself. We look at how to make the right choice for your next step.

Paragliding Mont Blanc. Photo: Stephane Boulanger

“It’s going to be one of the best flights of your life.” Chamonix local Fred Souchon leads us step-by-step through the tricky airspace around Mont Blanc and tells us exactly how to complete the classic Tour du Mont Blanc by air.

Paul Guschlbauer Project Overland

“It’s just like flying a paraglider.” Paul Guschlbauer might be best known as a Red Bull X-Alps pilot, but a year ago he was on the adventure of his life – flying 18,000km from Alaska to Patagonia through the Americas. He gives us the best bits.

Paragliding in Alaska. Photo: Felix Woelk

“Things got serious when an adult bear began rummaging around the camp.” Felix Woelk headed to Alaska for his latest escape into the wild. But it didn’t all go according to plan.

Shoulder pain and paragliding. Photo: Jerome Maupoint

Shoulder pain can be an issue for pilots. Pilot and adventure medic Dr Matt Wilkes explains what the problem can be – and how to avoid it.

Lena Zdanska on the King's Trail in Sweden

“‘Well why not?’ I said to myself. ‘Time to see if my summer dream is feasible.’” Lena Zdanska heads north of the Arctic Circle to vol-biv along the long-distance King’s Trail in Sweden.

Little Cloud Gracchio review

“This behaviour is part of the Little Cloud DNA.” The Little Cloud Gracchio is for XC, hike-and-fly and travel. We head to their home HQ in Briancon, France, to fly.

Mac Para Outback review

“Designed for hike-and-fly and certified EN B, Mac Para’s Outback is a one-size-fits-all 21m paraglider with a huge 50kg weight range.” We check it out!

Ozone Roadster 3 review

“I set up for a forward launch with the trimmers set to the red line.” Lawrie Noctor puts the new Ozone Roadster 3 through its paces.

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