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Cross Country Gear Guide 2021

Tuesday 12 January, 2021

Cross Country Magazine Gear Guide 2021

Cross Country Magazine’s new Gear Guide is an in-depth look at the huge variety of paragliding and paramotoring equipment that is out there on the market.

Whether you are a paraglider pilot on the hunt for the best wing, an adventure athlete looking to find out more about lightweight equipment, or need to upgrade your harness, then the Cross Country Gear Guide is for you.

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Reliable, fact-checked and up-to-date information from one of the leading publications in the sport, highlights include:

Leading edge design in paragliders

Understanding your paraglider: From mini-ribs to Brummel hooks we deconstruct the paraglider including the latest in materials and technology.

Testing paragliders with Air Turquoise. Photo: Air Turquoise

How does the testing system work? We explain what is tested and why and talk to the people who do it, including Alain Zoller from European test house Air Turquoise.

How to choose your paragliding harness

How to choose the right harness: From first flights to racing machines we explain the fundamentals that underlie harness design, and help you choose what’s right for you.

How to pack your reserve parachute for paragliding

How to buy a reserve parachute: It’s the one piece of kit you never want to use in anger, but it’s essential to buy the right one. We talk to expert Stefan Kurrle about reserves.

Choosing an EN B paraglider. Photo: Icaro

How to buy your first paraglider: Just qualified and looking for some independent buying advice? We tackle it here.

How to choose an EN C paraglider. Photo: Ozone

Making sense of the B Class: The EN B class is broad and can be confusing as it caters for a big range of pilots, from new pilots to XC hounds. We take an in-depth look at what’s available, and explain how to choose the right B wing for you, whether just starting out or planning to fly 200k.

When to move up a class of paraglider. Photo: Jerome Maupoint

Moving on up: How do you know when it’s the right time to fly a higher class of glider? Greg Hamerton has some ideas.

Does a pod really make a difference to a paraglider harness?

How much difference does a pod harness make? Believe the hype! Wind-tunnel testing shows that a well-adjusted pod harness can significantly increase performance. We explain how.

Choosing a helmet for paragliding. Photo: Icaro

How to protect your head: The most important and technical piece of gear you own is your brain. You have to keep it safe.

Paraglider pilot and mountain guide Fred Souchon

How to dress like a pro: We asked professional mountain guide and Chamonix pilot Fred Souchon to tell us how to dress for success in the air.

How to choose a tandem paraglider. Photo: Sky Paragliders

How to choose tandem gear: We talk to French tandem ace Philippe Sicardi to find out what you need to think about when buying tandem gear for recreational flying.

How to choose an advanced paraglider. Photo: Triple Seven

How to go further and faster: If you have the skills and want more performance then it’s time to step up. But to what? We explore the world of EN C and EN D wings, including easy-Cs, and the latest two-liners to help you decide.

How to choose a lightweight paraglider or miniwing. Photo: Little Cloud

How to go lightweight: From mini wings to lightweight XC adventure flying weapons, there has been an explosion of development and materials in lightweight equipment. We look at lightweight paragliders, hike-and-fly wings, single-skin and hybrid gliders, and mini wings and speed wings.

How to choose the right equipment for high altitude hike-and-fly paragliding. Photo: Dudek

How to hike-and-fly from high altitude: Whether you are planning to fly from the summit of Kilimanjaro or climb in the Himalaya, we examine what you need to think about when flying from the (really) big mountains.

How to choose a paramotor and paramotor wing. Photo: Dudek

How to get into paramotoring: Paramotoring experts Tom Prideaux-Brune and Emilia Plak explain how to ask the right questions and get the right kit for powered paragliding so you have maximum fun and avoid all the classic new-pilot mistakes.

How to get into acro paragliding. Photo: Marcus King

How to get ahead in acro: Want to get into acro? We asked Acro World Champion François Ragolski for some advice.

How to get into hang gliding. Photo: Sasha Serebrenikova

How to get into hang gliding: The ultimate wingman US hang gliding pro Jeff Shapiro explains what it’s like to fly a hang glider, and how to make the transition from paragliding.

How to choose a paragliding vario or flight instrument. Photo: Marcus King

How to choose a flying instrument that’s right for you: From simple beepers to full-spec flight computers we line up what you need to know.

How to take care of your paraglider. Photo: Nova Gliders

How to look after your paraglider: Industry insider Till Gottbrath has seen it all when it comes to glider care. Here’s his guide to taking better care of your wing.

Cross Country Magazine and a free Gear Guide

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