Mastering Paragliding: Digital Edition Volume 2 (Kindle Edition)


Second volume of a new approach to learning to fly cross country by paragliding guide Kelly Farina

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Mastering Paragliding is a new approach to learning to fly cross country by paragliding guide Kelly Farina.

  • Kelly approaches pilot progression in a systematic, logical way.
  • From understanding the basics of paraglider handling to thermalling techniques and high-level cross-country advice, he breaks the sport down into manageable stages with achievable goals.
  • From finessing your launch technique to becoming a master of the air, the book is designed to help you progress safely through the sport.
  • Volume 1 contains lots of techniques and how-to-fly information, while Volume 2 (this one) is about how to apply those techniques in real-world flying situations.
  • Suitable for pilots with 10-hours or more.

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