Cross Country Magazine issue 242 (August 2023)


Cross Country 242 (August 2023)

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Live the life you want to live – go fly. Cross Country 242 (August 2023) is out now – here’s what’s inside:

  • On Launch With… – “I feel incredibly lucky to have reached such a state of freedom in my life.” Meet Manon Depremorel
  • Pro Tips – “Easy – focus on your thermalling.” We asked some top pilots for advice on how to get better
  • The Perfect Race – Chrigel did it again. Bastienne Wentzel was there to greet him and others when they hit the mat
  • Vive la France – France swept the board at the Paragliding Worlds – we talk to the winners and find out how
  • Beautiful Baja – From grey whales to mobula rays Baja’s marine life is famous worldwide. Joe Orsi went looking
  • Sky Exos 2 – This three-line EN-C has been updated and given a lightweight makeover, says Marcus King
  • UP Summit X – X marks the spot? Erwin Voogt finds this redesigned 2.5 line high-B offers a relaxing ride
  • Oudie N Fanet+ – We do an in-depth test  and ask “Is it worth upgrading if you already have an Oudie N?”
  • XC Tracer Maxx II – We try the updated Maxx II – “It’s small, light, intuitive and works well – what’s not to like?”
  • ParaFly23 glider-check kit – line checking in the comfort of your own home
  • My Flying Life – “I really want paragliding to keep its soul.” US pilot Cedar Wright on what matters most

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