Cross Country Magazine issue 239 (May 2023)


Cross Country 239 (May 2023)

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Get your regular hit of free-flight excellence with the May 2023 issue of Cross Country Magazine – here’s what’s inside:

  • EN-C Revolution – The new class of two-line EN-C paragliders is here. We tried them out at the Stubai Cup
  • Desert Rain – Adi Geisegger and Martin Kempf explore Egypt old and new by paramotor and free flight
  • Simple and Effective – “We need to make clear decisions.” Hugh Miller meets Chrigel Maurer at home in Interlaken
  • Fisherfield Six – Kieran Campbell heads off-grid to the remote Shenaval bothy in northwest Scotland
  • Mac Para Elan (EN C) – “Fly in peace” is the mantra, and the new EN C allows you to do just that, writes Marcus King
  • Dudek Solo (PPG) – Lawrie Noctor arrives late to the party but finds much to like about this reflex paramotor wing
  • AirDesign Susi 4 – Will you be as surprised by the evolution of AirDesign’s mountain wing as we were?
  • Ozone Submarine – We find out what the big blue one is like to fly in cross-country conditions, not comps

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