Cross Country Magazine issue 237 (Feb / Mar 2023)


Cross Country 237 (Feb / Mar 2023)

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Get your regular hit of free-flight excellence with the February / March 2023 travel issue of Cross Country Magazine – here’s what’s inside:

  • Naked Pilot – “Everyone asks if we can read each other’s minds.” We meet Kubi and Luki Jacisin
  • Vol-Bivouac Masterclass – “I would say don’t do that.” Tom de Dorlodot explains the right way to get into vol-biv flying
  • Dominican Light – Adi Geisegger heads straight for the sunshine and thermals of this country in the Caribbean Sea
  • Travel 2023 – Fifteen amazing trips to put on your paragliding travel bucket list for 2023 and beyond
  • Convergence Zone – Photographer Konrad Borkowski captures the flying life on these Atlantic islands
  • Bosnia by Air – Bastian Brüsecke and Christine Zech set out to explore Bosnia and Herzegovina by paramotor
  • Review: Dudek Run&Fly 2 – The “lightest wing in the world” has had an upgrade. Marcus King takes it for a hike-and-fly
  • Review: Mac Para Aravis – “More than a mountain wing.” We share the fun on this lightweight but performant EN A

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