Cross Country Magazine issue 233 (September 2022)


Cross Country 233 (September 2022)

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Get your regular hit of free-flight excellence with the September 2022 issue of Cross Country Magazine – here’s what’s inside:

  • Naked Pilot – “It’s never the same.” French ace Justin Puthod on learning to fly fast and long
  • Thinking Clearly – “Flying requires clear thinking.” Matt Warren on how we can learn to think – and fly – better
  • Cool Cats – Horacio Llorens plays James Bond at this foil yacht-racing comp in Italy
  • Tubercle Technology – Jack Peake takes a deep dive into the Gin Boomerang 12’s Wave Leading Edge
  • Into the Karakoram – “I didn’t know my vario could make this noise.” Jake Holland heads to Pakistan
  • Thermal Lore – With a glance, do you know if that cloud is growing or dying? The basics are not so basic
  • Little Cloud Gracchio 2 – Little Cloud’s intermediate has matured into a very interesting glider, says Marcus King
  • Nova Mentor 7 Light – Nova’s Mentor story continues with the release of this high-tech, high performance, high-end EN B

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