Cross Country Magazine issue 228 (April 2022)


Cross Country 228 (April 2022)

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Feeling Fomo? Don’t miss out, get your regular hit of free-flight excellence with the April 2022 issue of Cross Country Magazine – here’s what’s inside:

  • XC Analysis – You’re flying XC, but are you doing it well? Rob Davis explains how to analyse your flight
  • How to Fly Like a Pro – ‘Discipline!’ Russell Ogden gave us a masterclass in competition flying. Here’s what we all learned
  • Rise Up! – Bastienne Wentzel heads to Turkey for an all-women SIV and Acro course with Jack Pimblett
  • Above the Delta – Adi Geisegger heads to Italy to catch up with some old friends and new places
  • Sky Kudos 2 (EN B) – Charlie King flies Sky’s updated EN-B for those learning the art of thermalling and XC
  • Dudek Soul 2021 – Light and comfortable, Marcus King reviews this all-round or first-time pod harness
  • Tandem Round-Up – Checking out tandem-lite gear: Gin’s Yeti Tandem 3, AirDesign’s UFO-Bi and Neo’s Rescue Backpack
  • Syride Sys’Nav XL – Flown to 8,000m above Broad Peak, Syride’s new compact instrument packs a punch

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