Cross Country Magazine issue 222 (August 2021)


Cross Country 222 (August 2021)

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Here’s what you will find inside Cross Country Magazine issue 222 (August 2021):

  • World Championships – “What is normal anymore?” The saga of the FAI Hang Gliding Worlds and what it means
  • Jouni Makkonen’s 500k – “It was as good as it can get.” Setting the new European paragliding record – in Finland
  • Naked Pilot – “I have an honest love of competition flying.” PWC President Goran Dimiskovski is in the hot seat
  • Killer Shots – How to make great images and capture amazing footage with your GoPro or action cam
  • Endless Summer – From dawn starts to restitution flights as the sun goes down, our never-ending summer starts here
  • A Little Bit of French Flair – Jonathan Marin has had an amazing season so far. Mathilde Chivet hops on board the flatland bus
  • Bornes to Fly – “Everything tucked in, we pushed forwards.” Marcus King joins the adventure racing crowd
  • John Silvester – “It’s gonna be good!” Allen Weynberg remembers his friend, the pioneering John Silvester

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