Cross Country Magazine issue 220 (June 2021)


Cross Country 220 (June 2021)

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Here’s what you will find inside Cross Country Magazine issue 220 (June 2021):

  • Fledglings – “My friends at school don’t believe me when I say I fly.” Meet Wyatt Parker, 11, 150hrs and counting
  • Mission to Mars – Matt Warren on the inside story behind that Mars Mission parachute – Dare Mighty Things
  • Dealing with the Fear – “If things get spicy you’ve got two options.” Some of the best explain how to manage getting scared
  • Normandy Sauvage – Jérôme Maupoint goes back to his roots to show us the beautiful flying in this far-flung corner of France
  • Coast-to-Coast PPG – “It’s all about highways in the sky.” Harley Milne flew across the USA in record time. We find out how
  • Freedom to Roam – Chris Sangwin, Steve Hallsworth & Ben Johnson consider their options on hike-and-fly in Scotland
  • Ozone Kona 2 – “Super easy and efficient.” Lawrie Noctor takes this crossover wing free-flying and paramotoring
  • AirDesign new UFO – One wing, two people, different weights. Marcus and Charlie King try sharing this single-skinner
  • Plus: The art of vol bivouac, catching collapses, weather models, managing riser twists, Airbuddy Chasecam, Racer heated gloves and the latest product news

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