Cross Country Magazine issue 213 (September 2020)


Cross Country 213 (September 2020)

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Here’s what you will find inside Cross Country Magazine issue 213 (September 2020):

  • St André-les-Alpes – September is the perfect time to head to this legendary site in the south of France
  • Vol-Biv Masterclass – Marcus King joins Antoine Girard and Martin Beaujouan for a flying week with a difference
  • The Eigertour – “Fly hut to hut, top-land, then launch again.” Tobias Dimmler followed this year’s race in the Swiss Alps
  • Soul Flyer – “I can manage myself in the mountains and stay safe.” NZ’s Nick Neynens shares some tales
  • Olympic Flame – “In a 21-second flight you could reach 130km/h!” Bill Suitor remembers his rocketbelt days
  • Skywalk Cayenne 6 – “This is a glider that is packed with new technology.” Erwin Voogt flies this new EN-C
  • Icaro Gravis 2 – “Confidence-inspiring and fun.” The mid-B class is packed – we fly the latest entry from Icaro
  • Triple Seven Rook 3 – “On my third day I flew a personal best.” Bastienne Wentzel falls for this new high-B

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