Cross Country Gear Guide 2021


100 pages of advice on paragliding and paramotoring gear – make informed decisions when buying your new kit

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Cross Country Magazine’s annual Gear Guide is an in-depth look at the huge variety of paragliding and paramotoring equipment that is out there on the market. Whether you are a paraglider pilot on the hunt for the best wing, an adventure athlete looking to find out more about lightweight equipment, or are taking your first steps in paramotoring, then the Cross Country Gear Guide is for you. Reliable, fact-checked and up-to-date information from one of the leading publications in the sport.


  • Editorial
  • Contributors
  • Gallery
  • Understanding your paraglider
  • The testing system
  • Harnesses
  • Reserves
  • Beginner wings (EN A)
  • Intermediate – Understanding the B-class, from beginner wings to XC machines
  • When to move up
  • Pod harnesses and drag
  • Protecting your head
  • Dress for success
  • Tandem time
  • Advanced – From flying your first C to going for 200km on your new two-liner
  • Lightweight – Exploring the world of specialist wings from hike-&-fly to vol-biv
  • High altitude adventures
  • Paramotoring – How to get into powered flying and underway in the air
  • Acro and freestyle
  • Hang gliding
  • Flight instruments
  • Looking after your kit
  • Gear freak, by Steve Ham

The Cross Country Gear Guide 2021 is also available as a digital edition

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