Advanced Paragliding: Digital Edition Volume 3 (Kindle Edition)


What I’ve learned from the world’s best pilots with Gavin McClurg

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Advanced Paragliding by Cloudbase Mayhem podcast host Gavin McClurg is packed with insight from some of the very best paraglider pilots in the sport. Aimed at all intermediate pilots up, it will help all pilots build solid foundations and progress in the sport. The book draws on over eight years’ of in-depth interviewing with over 100 of the world’s best pilots and covers aerology, meteorology, psychology, safety and risk-management. If you have 100 hours or more and want to go places in paragliding, this is for you.

This ebook edition was published in 2023 in three volumes, each designed to capture the flying genius and practical know-how of some of the world’s best pilots in easily digestible chunks.

Vol 3 includes interviews with Nick Neynens, Pál Takáts, Rafael Saladini, Russ Ogden, Thomas Theurillat and Will Gadd. Plus chapters on: How to Avoid Ground Suck; How to Kill Complacency; How to Recover from Frightening Experiences; How to Tweak Your Mental Game; Using Threat and Error Management; Final Thoughts; Pilot Self-Assessment.

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