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Win a paraglider in Coupe Icare fancy-dress comp

Friday 30 August, 2019

A Dudek Universal 1.1 paraglider, decorated in the 46th Coupe Icare colours, will be one of the prizes in the Icarnaval fancy-dress contest at the Coupe Icare on 21 September 2019.

Pilots who enter the Icarnaval contest will stand to win something from a swag-bag of prizes worth €20,000. The paraglider, given by DudekPrinted WingsPorcher Sport and Edelrid, will be among the prizes, which also includes instruments, harnesses, shoes, books and subscriptions to Cross Country magazine.

Dudek’s Universal 1.1 is EN-B and DGAC-ratedfor paragliding and paramotoring. Here’s the full list of prizes:

1 x Dudek Universal 1.1 25
1 x Syride Sys’Evolution
10 x  Syride Sys’Nav
20 x Syride Sys One V3
5 x Neo String harnesses
5 x Supair Kinder harnesses
10 x  So Diffusion heated gloves
10 pairs of Salomon shoes
10 x “Parapente” cartoons by Jean-Paul Budillon
10 x “Les Visiteurs du ciel” books by Hubert Aupetit
20 x  “La Fabuleuse histoire de la Coupe Icare” books
3 x annual combo subscriptions to Cross Country magazine
7 x digital annual subscriptions to Cross Country magazine
6x 6-month subscriptions to Parapente + or Paramoteur magazine
100 x Coupe Icare stainless steel mugs

Plus the prizes for the best disguises with this year’s theme of Leonardo Da Vinci:

1st: Syride Sys’Evolution + weekend for two and meal for two at Château de Pâquier / Lac de Notre-Dame de Commiers
2nd: A thrilling sleigh ride pulled by huskies in the Vercors for two people
Third : A basket of typcial Isère products

The costumed flights are scheduled to take place at 11:00 on Saturday 21 September, with Sunday as a reserve day in case of poor weather. Pilots can sign up to take part in the Icarnaval right up until 20 September 2019.



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