Paragliding: The Beginner's Guide

Paragliding The Beginner’s Guide

Wednesday 6 January, 2021

Paragliding: The Beginner’s Guide landed in October 2020 and, three months later, the reviews are well and truly in for this ultimate paragliding training manual.

The book, which is aimed at pilots from absolute beginners all the way through to those ready to fly XC, has won praise and positive reviews from around the paragliding world.

“Paragliding: The Beginner’s Guide is THE most comprehensive and up-to-date reference book I’ve ever read,” said Wally Arcidiacono from Bright Flight Paragliding in Australia.

“No aspect of our sport is left out. As a new pilot entering this beautiful 3D game it’d take years of research and conversations with experts to glean all the information this book provides in its 300+ pages. Couple this with an easy reading style, and this book is an absolute must.”

Brad Hill from Discover Paragliding in Oregon, USA, was also enthusiastic: “Wow! I just finished reading this book from cover to cover. If I’d had this when I first started paragliding, that first decade of flying would have been so very much easier!

“This book will now be standard issue to all of our beginning flight students! So much information packed into an impressively inviting and easy to read format. Well done to everyone involved!”

Paragliding The Beginners Guide Contents

The book is aimed at readers around the world, and follows the broad curricula of the main free flight associations and federations. Feedback has been good from these official organisations too.

Margit Nance, Executive Director of HPAC Canada said the book was, “A fantastic piece of work, from content to design, so very much first class!”

Britain’s BHPA Skywings magazine labelled it “Excellent” in their review.

Skywings reviewer Steve Uzochukwu wrote: “In my role as moderator for ParaglidingForum.com again and again I see the sort of questions that paragliding newcomers seek answers to. The Beginner’s Guide addresses pretty much all of them, and those that will be asked in the post-Club Pilot phase too.

Paragliding The Beginners Guide Advanced

“The book is absolutely bang up-to-date on the topics – equipment, electronic conspicuity, SIV, certification etc – that evolve from year to year. Its high standard of writing conveys intricate concepts in an easy-to-understand way. The layout, technical illustrations and time-lapse photography combine to produce a very aesthetically pleasing result.

“The finished article is far more than the sum of its parts … It targets 0-100 hour pilots, but I’m sure it will give pleasure and impart knowledge beyond that, setting a standard that will be very hard to beat.”

Online the social media world has been kind too.

Gavin McClurg called it a “Fantastic book” in his Cloudbase Mayhem podcast interview with author Bastienne Wentzel, adding, “I wish I had had this available to me when I was learning”.

And Greg Hamerton liked it too. “Every paraglider pilot should have this as their foundation, everything in here you should know,” he said. Check out his video review of it above.

And finally, the ultimate test, new pilots have been enjoying the book too.

New(ish) pilot Dave Joyce emailed to share his feedback. “May I just say how much I am enjoying reading your book. I’ve been flying for two years now (although low hours) and are finding your book the perfect balance between enjoyable and informative. A very good reminder of some of the things I have forgotten.”

Paragliding: The Beginner’s Guide is published by Cross Country and was a three-year effort from concept to finish, so we’re more than happy that the book has been reviewed and received so well. Thanks to everyone who has shared their feedback with us so far.

The book is available at free-flight schools and shops around the world, or online through the XC Shop.

Paragliding: The Beginners Guide, 320 pages, by Bastienne Wentzel and Ed Ewing, published October 2020 by Cross Country International. ISBN 978-1-8380173-3-0

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