Pilots gather at the start of task 2. Photo: Jay Cady
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Paragliding World Championships 2021: Task 2

Friday 5 November, 2021

Task two of the 2021 Paragliding World Championships in Argentina, started off with a little less cloud and perhaps a little more hope than the previous day. However, the 66.8km task was stopped early due to rough conditions. Caio Buzzarello and Stephan Morgenthaler each flew 29.3km to win the day.

Ruth Jessop reports:

Today started off with a bit of blue and a bit of back-wind at times, but everyone managed to take off. Threats of rain later on didn’t dampen hopes of a fast 67 km race to goal. However, Loma Bola once again proved to be a very challenging playground. The-out-and-return leg north saw many pilots struggling for a climb on
the way back.

Weak climbs, broken by windshear at ridge height, made the conditions difficult for 150 pilots in a gaggle to turn close to the terrain together. As they headed south to complete a large triangle, the wind increased above taskable limits, and many pilots not fortunate enough to get a good climb were stuck on the spurs protruding out into the flats.

Accordingly the task was stopped after 1 hour and 17 minutes. Due to the lack of progress round the course, and with no pilots in goal, the day was scored out of 98.5 points. With no pilots in goal those who won the day were the pilots with a combination of good distance points and lead out points. As nobody got to goal, there were no time points.


1st Caio Buzzarello (BR)
2nd Stephan Morgenthaler (CH)
3rd Philipp Haag (DE)

1st Yael Margelisch (CH)
2nd Seiko Fukuoka (FR)
3rd Nanda Walliser (CH)

1st Switzerland
2nd Germany
3rd Hungary

Top distance points: 29.3 km Caio Buzzarello; 29.3 km Stephan Morgenthaler; 29.2 km Philipp Haag

Top leading points: 7.0 Luc Armant; 6.5 Julien Wirtz; 6.2 Honorin Hamard

(Edited, 7 November: Following protest, this task was subsequently cancelled and the results will not count.) 

All the results are here.

Follow the action:

Live on the web app and at Airtribune.com

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