Not much room to play with between the ground and the clouds. Photo: Jay Cady
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Paragliding World Championships 2021: Task 1

Thursday 4 November, 2021

After the first day was cancelled, the Paragliding World Championships 2021 kicked off on 3 November with a 63km straight-line task in difficult conditions. No one made goal. Philipp Haag (DE) got furthest, wining the day with 39km flown. 

Honorin Hamard and Luc Armant both made 38.3km, to take France to the top of the nations leaderboard after the first task.

Ruth Jessop is at the event in Loma Bola, Argentina, and sent this report:

Paragliding World Championships 2021

Waiting on launch for the clouds to lift

Today started off with pilots sitting in swirling mist on take off unable to see from one side of the task briefing to the other. Optimistic as ever, a 63km task was set heading southwest. Mission impossible many of us thought.

The mist cleared just enough for 150 pilots to take off and head for a late start gate which opened at 15.30. Most managed to stay airborne and gain enough height in front of the Loma Bola ridge to take the start.

In the mountains at the beginning of the task, maximising every scrap of lift was critical, with only a couple of hundred metres between the terrain and top of lift to work with. The clouds were fairly benign, easy to escape from and the pilots didn’t risk being sucked in. The course line then moved out into the flats where it was much weaker with 1m/s climbs, then 0.5 m/s.

As the afternoon drew to a close, so did any chance of the pilots making goal. What little lift there was switched off leaving everyone to touch down in any of the plentiful landing options, in fields and lemon plantations. Nobody made goal but in the words of Daria Krasnova, “After all the rain over the past few days, today was a gift.”

Those who won the day were the pilots with a combination of good distance points and lead-out points. As nobody got to goal, there were no time points.

TASK Results

1st Philipp Haag (DE)
2nd Honorin Hamard (FR)
3rd Luc Armant (FR)

1st Marcella Uchoa (BR)
2nd Yael Margelisch (CH)
3rd Emanuelle Zufferey (CH)

1st France
2nd Germany
3rd United Kingdom

Top distance points: 39.0km Philipp Haag; 38.3km Luc Armant; 38.3km Honorin Hamard

Top leading points: 51.6 Gilmar de Jesus Couto; 46.5 Honorin Hamard; 45.0 Simon Mettetal

See all the results here

Keep up with the action as it happens at Airtribune.com


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