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Latin America 2017: Competition Round-Up

Wednesday 1 March, 2017

Latin American skies have been busy this season in the paragliding competition world. The meteorological La Niña phenomenon brought lots of rain to South America but despite that, pilots were able to have some fun and the Europeans were able to escape the cold for a bit. Joanna Di Grigoli rounds up the winners…

Raul Penso won the Trujillo Open. Photo: Rodrigo Ungaron

Raul Penso won the Trujillo Open. Photo: Rodrigo Ungaron

The year began as usual with the Andes Open in Mérida, Venezuela, where Raúl Penso won after three tasks followed by Alejandro Alfonzo and Kliber Pereira.

Josh Cohn (USA) and Emmanuel Guadarrama (MEX)

Josh Cohn (USA) and Emmanuel Guadarrama (MEX). Photo: Claudia Gómez Palacios

Further north, USA’s Josh Cohn won the Monarca Paragliding Open in Valle de Bravo, Mexico ahead of Mexico’s Emmanuel Guadarrama and Norway’s Ole Johnny Ronneberg. Among the women, Patricia García De Letona from Mexico was first, with Ewa Korneluk-Guzy from Germany was place and Bianca Heinrich from the USA, third.

Annalena Hinestroza takes first in the Women's

Annalena Hinestroza takes first in the Women’s. Photo: Airtribune

While pilots were flying among butterflies in Mexico, others were thermalling above the sugar cane fields of the Cauca Valley. The first competition in Roldanillo was won by Ally Palencia (VEN), followed by Ernesto Hinestroza (GER) and Pal Takats (HUN). Annalena Hinestroza (GER) was the first among the women, followed by Isabel Bernal (COL) and Shauin Kao (ARG).

Seb Ospina wins in Roldanillo, Colombia

Seb Ospina wins in Roldanillo, Colombia. Photo: Airtribune

A week later, our very own Sebas Ospina (GBR) climbed on top of the 2nd Rolda Open podium, followed by Oscar Álvarez (COL), and Stefan Vyparina (SVK). Daria Krasnova (RUS) won the women’s category, followed by Cross Country en Español’s Andrea Jaramillo (COL) and Annalena Hinestroza (GER).

The Trujillo Open – classic

The Trujillo Open – classic. Photo: Trujillo Open

Back in Venezuela, the Trujillo Open has become a classic, delivering great conditions for flying. Kliber Pereira won the event after 4 tasks, followed by José Ángel Rodríguez and Alejandro Alfonzo.

Meanwhile, conditions in Europe are starting to wake up. Let’s see what this busy summer has to offer…

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