Twenty Five Ways to Fly Better Volume 2 (Kindle Edition)


Twenty Five Ways to Fly Better is packed with  advanced XC techniques


Twenty Five Ways to Fly Better (Volume 2) is packed with the latest techniques and thinking from some of the world’s best pilots and instructors.

  • With former Paragliding World Champion Bruce Goldsmith at the helm, the book draws on advice and knowledge from across the world of free flight.
  • Volume 2, this one covers advanced XC techniques, from flying convergence, using speed-to-fly theory and becoming an advanced pilot.
  • Volume 1 covers the basics of flying XC in both mountains and flatlands. From how to thermal to understanding and navigating airspace.
  • If you’ve read Volume 1, read this one next
  • For this ebook, Volume 2, we’ve also added a few bonus chapters – if you’ve always wanted to look inside the mind of Chrigel Maurer, now you can!
  • Suitable for all qualified pilots

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