Topo Guide to Free Flying Sites in France


An excellent paragliding guide to France

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The number one paragliding guide to France, the Topo Guide to Free Flying Sites in France is the perfect holiday companion for paraglider pilots and hang glider pilots heading to France.

There are hundreds of excellent paragliding and hang gliding sites in France, and working out which ones are the best can be a hit-or-miss affair.

That’s where this book really scores. It’s done all the hard work for you, and focuses on the very best that the country has to offer. From amazing coastal soaring to epic Alpine cross-country to the smoothest evening restitution, this book has it all covered.

Each site guide includes:

  • A detailed map showing take-offs and landings
  • Take-off and landing heights and GPS coordinates
  • Practical information on weather stations, likely conditions and useful contacts
  • Advice on flying XC and the classic routes from the site
  • Safety advice

The Topo Guide to Free Flying Sites in France is also available in French

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