Mastering Paragliding


A systematic approach to learning to fly, by Alpine guide Kelly Farina


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Mastering Paragliding is a unique approach to learning to fly cross country by paragliding guide Kelly Farina.

Kelly approaches pilot progression in a systematic, logical way. From understanding the basics of glider handling to thermalling techniques and high-level cross-country advice, he breaks the sport down into manageable stages with achievable goals.

It includes:

  • Mastering the basics: learning to fly smoothly, consistently and confidently
  • Thermalling well: the 4/90 rule, thermal etiquette and gaggle flying
  • How to plan a cross-country route and fly it successfully
  • Valley winds explained, including where and where not to fly
  • An in-depth exploration of how to fly the mountains
  • High level flying: how to fly efficiently and fast
  • Meteorology for pilots, including cloud assessment and the Föhn
  • Thermal formation, restitution and inversions
  • Real-life practical flying case studies in the Alps and Dolomites
  • How to structure your learning and progress quickly using the Pyramid of Progression

‘I wish I’d had this book when I’d started flying XC, especially when I first flew in the Alps’

Josh Cohn, USHPA Magazine review. Read the full review (pdf)


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