Master Acro: Basic Skills

Master Acro: Basic Skills, is for pilots who want to learn about full stalls, wingovers and SATs

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MASTER ACRO: Basic Skills
14 episodes, 2hr 37m,

  • Learn glider-control, SIV and acro techniques from the experts
  • Covers the important basics in wing control that will help you become a better pilot
  • Includes in-depth chapters on Advanced Full Stall, Wingovers and SATs
  • This is video-on-demand – a series of 14 episodes to watch on your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Suitable for paraglider pilots who want to improve their flying skills and start to develop some SIV and Acro skills. This will include motivated new pilots, XC pilots, pilots on SIV courses, and students of Acro.
  • 90% of manoeuvres in the episodes are flown on a standard EN B (intermediate) glider
  • More than 150-minutes watch-time
  • Designed to help you become a better and safer pilot
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MASTER ACRO: Basic Skills, is part of the MASTER ACRO series of video-on-demand tutorials created by acro  grandmaster Pal Takats. The full series contains 21 episodes.

Safety First (10 episodes) and Basic Skills (14 episodes) are tailored packages of episodes designed for pilots who want to learn more about SIV and glider control, but don’t want to become full-on Acro pilots.

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