Cross Country Magazine issue 223 (September 2021)


Cross Country 223 (September 2021)

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Here’s what you will find inside Cross Country Magazine issue 223 (September 2021):

  • The Eigertour – Andy Busslinger braved the weather to chase the race during the four-day Swiss adventure
  • Hike-and-Fly – Aimilios Apostolopoulos has written the book on hike-and-fly and how to do it
  • Maurer’s Move – Honza Rejmanek talks to Chrigel Maurer about his mind-blowing 150km move in the X-Alps
  • Battle of the Giants – The story of the X-Alps this year was Chrigel Maurer and Maxime Pinot – we talk to them both
  • 600km Y’all! – Sebastien Kayrouz on how he flew 610km in Texas and set a new paragliding world record
  • Acro World Championships – Bicho Carrera is the new Acro World Champion. Rolf Steinmeier captured the action in Italy
  • Swing Arcus 2 RS – Hard week at the office? Relax! says Felix Wölk who flies this new mid-B from Swing
  • Skywalk Arak Air – Charlie King flies Skywalk’s new lightweight mid-B multi-tool
  • Reviews: Icaro Xema 2, Supair Supervisor helmet, CimAlp MaxFly goggles

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