Cross Country 196 (Dec 2018 – Jan 2019)


Cross Country 194 (October 2018)

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Here’s what you will find inside Cross Country 196 (Dec 2018 – Jan 2019):

  • Sport Class Revolution – “It’s undeniably the new gateway drug.” Sara Weaver examines the rise of the sport class
  • Photographer of the Year – More than 400 of you entered, only one could claim the crown. We check out the Top 10
  • Paradise Island – “Turquoise sea, white sand and volcanic hills.” Jess Pradier introduces us to French Polynesia
  • On Tour in Turkey – Horacio Llorens and Tom de Dorlodot paramotor two iconic sites – Pamukkale and Cappadocia
  • A Greek Tragedy – Paul Clarke looks back on a flying holiday that ended badly. Illustrated by Steve Ham
  • Qilian Shan – “I’d heard there were snow leopards.” Mads Syndergaard goes off radar in China
  • Ozone Alpina 3 – Matt Warren steps up and trades in his Swift 4 (EN B) for the latest lightweight EN C
  • Wills Wing Sport 3 – Jonathan Dietch takes a step down in performance and discovers he loves this new sport class wing

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