Cross Country 194 (October 2018)


Cross Country 194 (October 2018)

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Inside Cross Country 194 (October 2018)

  • Cold Hands, Warm Heart – Matt Wilkes has been looking at what happens to hands when you fly. The results may surprise you…
  • Le Dragon Chinois  – Till Gottbrath and Mario Eder head east to take part in the first ever Coupe Icare China
  • Rovers Return – By boat, bus and paramotor, Pascal Campbell-Jones and crew explore the mountains of Norway
  • Alternative Dolomites – Escape the crowds and explore the secret spots in the Dolomites – Michael Nesler explains how
  • Dreamcatcher – After 25 years of free flying Jim Mallinson finally achieves a lifetime’s ambition – to fly home
  • Mac Para Colorado (PPG) – ‘This’ll keep you entertained!’ Test flying the latest intermediate paramotor wing
  • Sky Kudos (EN B) – ‘Speed and agility make it fun to fly.’ From hike-and-fly to XC this low-B can do it al
  • Syride SYS’Evolution – Are you ready for augmented reality? What is it andwhy do we need it in our flight instruments
  • Woody Valley GTO Light – No fuss, just finesse. Hugh Miller flies this lightweight pod
  • Skywalk Range X-Alps 2 – Seb Ospina is amazed at this latest high-end, lightweight harness

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