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The XCPee is a snug-fitting latex condom that attaches to a metre-long tube.

Fit the XCPee condom in private, then attach the tube on launch before take-off. You can then pee as much as you like in total confidence. The tube can be routed down your leg, or out through your harness. It’s best if it the tube is routed horizontally across to the side of your harness, or down, to ensure a smooth flow.

The XCPee Base Kit includes a single 30 mm diameter condom with the waste tube and connector. The tube is reusable, you can purchase additional 30 mm condoms in bulk packs.

Thousands of pilots around the world have used and trusted the XCPee since the first version was released in 2010. On balance we find this solution the best in terms of balancing the strength of adhesive and comfort.

Key benefits:

-Balanced adhesive that is reliable and skin-friendly

-Anti-kink bellows end wide outlet for secure connection

-Applicator grip and release strip for easy, smooth roll-out and secure application.


Please note: the catheter should be left on for a period of at least one hour after fitting. The adhesive is initially very strong to ensure a firm bond, and trying to remove the catheter immediately after fitting may cause discomfort. After a period of time and wearing, the adhesive weakens and it is easy to remove the catheter by peeling it back from the open end. 

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