Fly now! Yael Margelisch at the PWC Disentis, Switzerland, earlier this season. Photo: Martin Scheel
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Cross Country 214: October 2020

Tuesday 22 September, 2020

“I have some stickers on my cockpit,” reveals Yael Margelisch in the latest issue of Cross Country Magazine. “One says ‘Fly Now’ – it reminds me not to think about anything else.” Fly Now! It’s an instruction and an exhortation, designed to put you right where you need to be: right here, right now. Here’s what else is in the October issue.

Paragliding World Cup action at Disentis 2020. Photo: Martin Scheel

Yael was equal first at the PWC in Disentis this year, and in this issue she unpacks all that, from life in the Swiss team to applying for the Red Bull X-Alps next year. We also talk to winner Stephan Morgenthaler who thought his way to victory.

PWC Disentis 2020. How to fly a CCC wing. Photo: Martin Scheel

Sticking with the competition vibe Malin Lobb has some excellent advice on how to step up to a CCC glider from an EN D. “Let the glider fly!” he says.

Nova Gliders Ion 6 Light

Théo de Blic goes back to basics with his regular column. How do you thermal without a vario? “It’s all in your butt!” he explains.

Safety and paragliding graph. Image: Matt Wilkes

In February Cross Country readers helped Dr Matt Wilkes conduct the biggest paragliding safety survey ever done. Now, after analysing hundreds of incidents and thousands of replies, he’s back with the results in this in-depth report. If you’ve ever been asked, “How safe is it?” then this is the answer.

Bartosz Nowicki at the Polish Paramotor Slalom Open 2020. Photo: Matias Nombarasco

Matias Nombarasco captured the action at the Polish Slalom Open – we round it all up in this mini photo-essay.

Antoine Girard paragliding vol-biv in Ethiopia.

When Antoine Girard headed to Ethiopia to fly a 1,200km vol-biv he knew it would be tough but he never expected this – a man with a gun threatening to shoot. He tells the tale in his own inimitable style.

Air Design Rise 4 (EN B) review

“The performance in the high-EN B class just gets better and better.” We fly the new Air Design Rise 4 and come away impressed. “They call it the thermal monkey for a reason.”

Seb Ospina reviews lightweight two-liners

See Ospina is on reviews duty. This pro tandem pilot and XC maestro flies two lightweight two-liners: Ozone’s Zeolite GT (EN D) and Advance’s Omega XAlps 3 (EN D). Plus he tries out Neo’s new pro tandem harness, the Bikini.

Paramotor pilot Benedikt Bos. Photo: Blaise Brogan

Benedikt Bos is the German pilot who has won the British Paramotor Championship crown twice – he’s in our Naked Pilot hot seat.

The whale-inspired leading edge of the Gin Boomerang 12. Photo: Martin Scheel

Gin Gliders designer Gin Seok Song explains the experimental work that has gone into developing the prototype Gin Boomerang Z – the new wing with the whale-inspired leading edge.

Bastienne Wentzel, author of Paragliding The Beginner's Guide. Photo: Erwin Voogt

And finally, we meet Dutch pilot and author Bastienne Wentzel for a sneak preview of her new paragliding book, and insight into her own flying style. “My key advice? Fly for fun. Fly further, higher, longer if you want, but never let the numbers spoil the fun.”

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