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XCBusa 2019
XCBusa 2019
Feb 5 – Oct 31 all-day
XCBusa 2019 @ Riva del Garda | Trentino-South Tyrol | Italy
XCBusa is an annual paragliding competition that has been run by the Busa Flying Team in the Lake Garda area of Italy since 2014. Scores take into account three flights. These can be flown any time between February[...]
Canadian HG Nationals
Canadian HG Nationals
May 25 – Jun 1 all-day
Canadian HG Nationals @ Kamloops | British Columbia | Canada
The Canadian Hang Gliding Nationals will be held from 25 May – 1 June 2019 at Kamloops. Airtribune.com
Hand’Icare Cup 2019
Hand’Icare Cup 2019
May 30 – Jun 2 all-day
Hand'Icare Cup 2019 @ Saint-Hilaire | Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes | France
The first ever Hand’Icare Cup is to take place at Saint Hilaire, France from 30 May – 2 June 2019. It’s a friendly paragliding competition open to all, with places reserved for pilots with disabilities.[...]
Moyes Guyuan China flying season
Moyes Guyuan China flying season
Jun 6 – Jun 22 all-day
Moyes Guyuan China flying season @ Guyuan | Ningxia | China
Moyes are running a trip to Inner Mongolia for hang glider pilots, comprising a week-long competition followed by sightseeing or free-flying. The base will be Guyuan, China, four hours northwest of Beijing, and the trip[...]
Erzgebirge Cup 2019
Erzgebirge Cup 2019
Jun 7 – Jun 10 all-day
Erzgebirge Cup 2019 @ Hartenstein | Saxony | Germany
The Erzgebirge Cup is an XC competition for Class 5 (rigid) hang gliders. It will be held at Hartenstein, Germany from 6-10 June 2019. There will be a training day and registration on 6 June,[...]
Dutch HG Open 2019
Dutch HG Open 2019
Jun 15 – Jun 22 all-day
Dutch HG Open 2019 @ Kandel | Rhineland-Palatinate | Germany
The Dutch Hang Gliding Open will take place in Kandel, Germany, from 15-22 June 2019. The competition is open to all competition hang glider pilots (IPPI 5 or equivalent required), and limited to 50 places.[...]
Iceland PG Open 2019
Iceland PG Open 2019
Jun 19 – Jun 23 all-day
Iceland PG Open 2019 @ Iceland
If you’ve ever fancied exploring the rugged and beautiful Icelandic landscape by air, the Iceland PG Open, which takes place from 19-23 June 2019, could be the ideal time to do it. Registration is through[...]
Ludesch open 2019 (HG)
Ludesch open 2019 (HG)
Jun 20 – Jun 23 all-day
Ludesch open 2019 (HG) @ Ludesch | Vorarlberg | Austria
The annual international hang gliding competition, the Ludesch Open, has been going for more than 20 years. The €100 entry fee includes transport to launch, retrieves, food and drink and a pilot party on the[...]
British Championship Open 2019, Spain
British Championship Open 2019, Spain
Jun 22 – Jun 28 all-day
British Championship Open 2019, Spain @ Pedro Bernardo | Castile and León | Spain
The second of two British Paragliding Championships/Opens of 2019 will be held at Pedro Bernardo near Avila in Spain, from 22-28 June. pgcomps.org.uk
Ozone Chabre Open 2019
Ozone Chabre Open 2019
Jun 29 – Jul 5 all-day
Ozone Chabre Open 2019 @ Laragne-Montéglin | Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur | France
This low-stress, friendly competition is now in its 14th year. It will take place during the first week of July, and makes use of several take-offs in the vicinity of Laragne-Montéglin in southern France. This[...]
Spanish National Hang Gliding Championship
Spanish National Hang Gliding Championship
Jun 30 – Jul 6 all-day
Spanish National Hang Gliding Championship @ Zújar | Andalucía | Spain
The 42nd Spanish National Hang Gliding Championship takes place in Zujar near Granada in southern Spain, from 30 June to 6 July 2019. Class 1, Class 5 and Sports Class categories. More information on Airtribune.com

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