XConnect Radio Push To Talk Cable


Push-to-talk radio cable for free flight

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The XConnect is a push to talk cable that is built to last.

It is a two-piece boom mike that integrates with either full-face or open face helmets.

  • Made from a tough, 3.5mm sprung-coiled rubber-coated wire
  • The button feeds down your jacket arm and fastens with velcro to your finger, making chat instant and stress-free
  • This system has been widely tested by many top guides. It works, season after season.

Works with Yaesu radios, excluding: FT-270, VX-6E, VX-6R, VX-7E, VX-7R, VXA-700, VXA-710, VXA-300, VX-120,VX-127, VX-170, VX-177 and VX-270.

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