Powered Paragliding Bible Edition 4


An earlier version of the ultimate textbook for paramotor pilots – 4th edition

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This is edition 4 of  the Powered Paragliding Bible, the ultimate reference  book for all paramotor and powered paraglider pilots. Author Jeff Goin is one of the most respected training names in the sport. (Edition 6 was published in September 2020, which is why this earlier edition is now available at less than half price – until stock runs out.)

Everything the paramotor pilot will need to know to fly safely, including:

  • Launch and landing secrets
  • What’s risky and how to avoid it
  • Practical weather knowledge
  • Airspace knowledge
  • How to select equipment
  • Maintenance tips
  • Interesting things to do
  • Precision flying
  • Winning competitions
  • Fully illustrated with full colour photography throughout

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