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Dear Fellow Pilot,

You may not be having an easy time of it at the moment, during this epidemic. It may feel like you’ve been sucked inside a towering cumulus, turned upside down in the white room, and spat out the other side. Or it may feel like you’re in a low save over unlandable terrain, going round and round in the shade, the vario stuck at -0.1 m/s, while everyone behind you skies out!

To help out with a bit of light relief, we’re putting together lots of content for ALL pilots to read for free – whether you’re a subscriber or not. We’ve made our 2020 Travel Guide available to all, and we’ve also put together a Classic Flying Stories email series for you to access an epic tale every day for a week. Our editor, Ed Ewing, is currently putting together a schedule of excellent articles for xcmag.com over the coming few weeks, too.

If you want more, perhaps you’d consider joining the thousands of our lovely readers and subscribing? We’ve been going since 1988, entirely thanks to the support of subscribers in over 100 countries who enjoy both the insightful technique and technology articles by our columnists and the incredible flying and adventure stories from all four corners of the world – the Alps to the Aussie outback.

We’re giving all new subscribers instant access to over 500 pages of content to enjoy. We’ll send you the five most recent issues of Cross Country in digital format.

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The pack of digital issues you’ll receive includes lots of scientific, weather and technique articles. For me, some of the highlights are:


The stack of issues also includes lots of good stories by pilots from across the planet. Some of my favourites are by pilots who really get under the skin of the sport – and why we do it – and they include:


We’ll also send you over 50 pages of glider, instrument and harness reviews. There are too many to list, but you’ll get reviews of the Nova Mentor 6, Air Design Vivo, Dudek Run and Fly, Air Design Susi, Ozone Geo 6, Supair Leaf 2, U-Turn Morpheus, Naviter Blade, Gin Leopard, Phi Maestro, Sir Edmund Race, Icaro Parus 2, Niviuk Roamer 2, Le GPS Bip+, Swing Helios, Dude V-King, Naviter Oudie 5. We also put the Spot Bluetooth and Garmin InReach head-to-head. Spoiler alert: the InReach wins!

You’ll get access to all the above and more straight away. Over the next year we’ll then send you the next ten issues in whatever format you choose. Even if you airmail services get disrupted due to Covid-19 we’re guaranteeing all subscribers (print, digital and combo) the next three issues in digital format to guarantee timely delivery.

You’ll also be enrolled for our annual Summer Subscribers’ Prize Draw – you’ll be in with the chance of winning a brand new glider of your choice, plus top instruments and more. Something to keep in the cupboard till we can fly, anyhow!

Thanks for reading this far. We’re in this magazine because we’re passionate about flying and the community, first and foremost. It doesn’t matter if you can afford to subscribe or not, we want to get as much content out for free as possible so do check out the Travel Guide, Classic Flying Stories series and more articles and videos to come.

And, as ever in this challenging time, we appreciate the support of all our subscribers and hope you’ll consider joining us.

Meanwhile, if it’s a good sky, and you’re in lockdown… DON’T LOOK UP! It won’t be for long…

With best wishes

Hugh Miller
Publisher, Cross Country Magazine

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