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Cross Country 182: August 2017

Sunday 9 July, 2017


Cross Country 182 (Aug 2017) is out now and features Xandi Meschuh and Benni Hörburger on the front cover, in full stall, dual-control SIV training in Gerlitzen, Austria. Photo by Marcus King

Here’s a taste of what’s inside.

Icaristics by Bruce Goldsmith

Bruce Goldsmith was Paragliding World Champion a decade ago. With his son Tyr facing his first World Championships in Italy, Bruce writes down some good advice. ‘Fly the gear you know … Use a backup instrument … When you apply bar, do it in two pushes.’ You know what they say – Dad knows best.

Thermometer and iced water

You can predict cloudbase with a glass of ice and a thermometer. Resident meteorologist Honza Rejmanek explains how.

Gavin McClurg (USA1) prepares for flight during Red Bull X-Alps on Mangart, Slovenia on July 5, 2017

Gavin McClurg has had a big two weeks at the Red Bull X-Alps. Before he headed off to Europe he took time out to explain exactly how to prepare before a big day. Thinking of that third beer? Think again!

Paramotoring and spiral dives

Paramotor pilot Jeff Goin has some advice about spiral dives and going too strong. ‘In the wrong hands over-the-nose spiral dives can be surprisingly lethal. Unfortunately they’re really easy to do, even for raw beginners.’

How to buy a reserve parachute for paragliding

‘Throw your reserve and it’s suddenly the most important bit of kit you own.’ Buying a rescue parachute can be a tricky business. Understanding the basics is key to making the right choice. Matt Warren talks to some experts to find out what you need to know


‘Slow the glider, slow, slow, slower…’ We head to Gerlitzen for a unique dual-control SIV session with Xandi Meschuh and Benni Hörburger

The new EN C wing from Supair is their first Sports class glider. Marcus King flies the five prototypes and the production model to get an in-depth understanding of just where the glider has come from – and where it’s going

Jean-Yves Fredriksen

Jean-Yves Fredriksen is the fiddler on the roof of the world, exploring the Himalaya alone but always with his violin. He talks to Andy Pag about his most recent expedition – a 3,500km, four-month trip through the greatest mountains on Earth

Paramotoring in Colombia Jeff Hamann

‘There are no coastal roads or towns for 400km. Armed drug smugglers have a significant presence.’ Jeff Goin continues his Pacific coastline paramotoring odyssey with an 800km journey through the Choco, in Colombia’s remote northwest

Jody MacDonald Portfolio

‘Art and outdoor sports – my two favourite things at school.’ Jody MacDonald has been photographing paragliding for a decade. We showcase her favourite shots

Paramotoring in Slovakia

‘Around the campfire Miroslav took us on a tour of the local fruits: pear, plum and apricot brandy.’ Franck Simonnet makes new friends on an overnight paramotor bivvy in Slovakia.

Flaring a wingsuit with Matt Gerdes

How do pilots actually flare a wingsuit? ‘You don’t have to do much. I tell other pilots to use your brain more than your body.’ Matt Gerdes explains how pro wingsuit pilots are now perfecting the art of going up – at 11m/s.

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