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Masquerade at the Coupe Icare. Photo: Alain Doucé

45th Coupe Icare: 20-23 September 2018

The 45th Coupe Icare takes place 20-23 September 2018 and is expected to attract up to 100,000 spectators over the four-day long weekend

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XC Tracer II Flarm

XC Tracer II Flarm with air traffic awareness

XC Tracer’s latest flight instrument has the Flarm air traffic awareness system built in

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UP Mana

UP Mana – lightweight versatility

“Ultra light and incredibly versatile” is how UP introduce their latest paraglider, the Mana, which is certified EN A / B in four sizes

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Cross Country 194: October 2018

Who – or what – first got you into flying? That sun-streaked mountain on the horizon? Watching a buzzard float beneath endless cloud streets? Whatever the answer, chances are you don’t regret it. Flying is pure magic, and this issue will help you capture that exhilarating feeling of discovery over and over again.

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Cross Country 194: October 2018

Who – or what – first got you into flying? Flying is pure magic, and this issue will help you capture that exhilarating feeling of discovery

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Rush 5. Photo: Nico Assael

Video: Russell Ogden on the new Rush 5 (EN B)

What’s the difference between Ozone’s Rush 5 and the Delta 3? Why is aspect ratio so important in paraglider design? Test pilot Russell Ogden talks Rush 5

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Landing at the paragliding in the Asian Games 2018. Photo: FAI / Brooke Whatnall

Asian Games 2018: Japan and Korea take gold

Paragliding was in the Asian Games for the first time this year, in both Accuracy and Cross Country – with all pilots competing in both disciplines

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September / October
Guayaquil, Ecuador

Goal Fever: Guayaquil, Ecuador

Guayaquil, Ecuador, is surprisingly well-served by international flights for tourists travelling to the famous Galapagos Islands

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Araxá, Brazil. Photo: Marcus King

Never Ending Summer: Araxá

Araxá has hosted the Brazilian Nationals several times. The grassy launch is considered one of the best flying sites in Brazil

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High above Olu Deniz beach at sunset. Photo: Markus Zimmermann

Guide to Oludeniz, Turkey

Wring the living daylights out of your wing above a Mediterranean cove in south-west Turkey, land on the beach, then do it again

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