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Icaro Xema reversible harness

Icaro Xema reversible paraglider harness

Icaro have replaced the Energy Cross reversible paraglider harness with the new Xema

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Yooda Yak 185 paramotor

Yooda Yak 185 paramotor

Yooda’s new Yak 185 paramotor is powered by the Vittorazi Moster 185 engine, and ideal for intermediate PPG pilots

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Phi Sonata

Phi release second EN-A, the Sonata

The second paraglider to be released from new company Phi is another EN-A: the Sonata

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Free flight is about exploration in all its forms. In issue 189 we celebrate the pure joy of flying new skies – and doing it better every time. Learn more and stay up to date with what’s happening – reviews, adventure, travel, news, equipment and more

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Cross Country 189

Cross Country 189: May 2018

Free flight is about exploration in all its forms. In issue 189 we celebrate the pure joy of flying new skies – and doing it better every time

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Q&A With Michael Sigel: Superfinal Superhero

‘Pilots are getting more aggressive. It’s not only aggressive flying, it’s also turning in the wrong direction or coming straight into the thermal. Crazy.’

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Honza Rejmanek in the Red Bull X-Alps 013. Photo: Vitek Ludvik / Red Bull Content Pool

’10 Years of What I Know about the Weather’

After 10 years Honza Rejmanek reveals his 10 weather concepts that pilots need to know – number nine will amaze you…

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March / April
The site overlooks the Los Angeles basin, home to 20 million people. Photos: Jonathan Dietch

Guide to Marshall, USA

Marshall Peak is in the San Bernardino Mountains on the edge of the Mojave desert. It’s one of the USA’s most reliable mountain thermalling sites

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Hike-and-fly with Paul G: the Gaisberg

Hike and fly Salzburg’s famous adventure mountain – and the first turn point in the X-Alps, the Gaisberg

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Lake Garda, Italy. Photo: Gudrun Öschl,

SIV hotspots: Lake Garda

With 1,200m above the lake you’ll have more height than Annecy here, and the cablecar gets you back up and ready to fly again quickly

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